Nuance Phonewear – Focused Hearing in an iPhone case

Cleverly disguised as an everyday on-the-go product, Nuance is always on and easy to use. Besides the Phonewear case, all you need is an iPhone 6/6s/7/8 to run the app, and regular earphones, to hear great.

Nuance Phonewear is equipped with a sophisticated array of MEMS microphones that collects all the sound in the surrounding environment. Our patent-pending beam-forming algorithm and hardware isolate the targeted voice, which is heard through your earphones.

With a Directivity Index improvement of up to 15dB, we are 10X more effective than other solutions.

The market

The lion’s share of the Cocktail Party Problem market are the hundreds of millions of people worldwide with some degree of clinical hearing loss. Of this segment, it is estimated that 20% use hearing aids and 80% do not.

While we believe that today’s worldwide market for hidden hearing loss measures in the tens of millions, the World Health Organization projects that 1.1 billion young people are at risk of hearing loss (clinical and hidden), as they age, due to exposure to excessive noise in recreational settings.

Both segments represent an unmet market need.

Key benefits

  • Understanding speech in noisy environments
  • Focused Hearing technology unique to Nuance Hearing
  • Plug and Face approach using regular earbuds
  • Sounding good by conversing with confidence, everywhere
  • Looking good by sporting an on-the-go wearable
  • Always on and easy to use
8 MEMS microphonesTop quality mems mic's picks up what you want to hear.High-end protective caseYour phone's never been better protected.Headset jackPlug in your wired earbuds.USB-C ConnectorYour phone is connected right through your case.On/Off ButtonHear just what you want to hear at the press of a button.


Plug and Face

Just plug in your earbuds and face whoever is talking!

Nuance Hearing

When you don't want to miss a thing.